I Just Got My CCA Certificate!

Hi - I am Becka!   I am almost 14 and my Mom took
me to the Mile High Golden Retriever Club Specialty on August 17.  
That was the day after my grandson Cole got Winner's Dog!  I was so proud of him!
So CCA stands for the Certificate of Conformation Assessment.  They have 3 judges who
evaluate each dog against each and every aspect of the AKC standard of the Golden Retriever.
And boy did they go over us.  I had to stand there forever while each judge examined me.
But I didn't move - Mom was pretty proud and one of the judges said I got an "A" for
patience!  They didn't have this certification when I was young(er) so Mom
figured it's never too late!  They had to judge me as I am today - couldn't
take into account that I am older.  Well,  every judge gave me the same
total score of 85 out of 100.  And I got a couple 10's!  They all gave me
a 10 for temperament :)  One judge said that an "8" is a high
score because there is no perfect dog.  Well, my Mom
thinks I am perfect and that's all that matters to me!

I turned
13 on December 6, 2012!  
Mom had this really cool party for me with a cake and presents!
Our cakes are raw ground beef and then Mom adds special stuff like bananas
or spinach and the icing is plain yogurt!  They are delicious!  This year Mom put a
picture of Gabe and the kids we had together next to the cake. Look at
these pictures!   One of the best ones is me playing tug
with my great-grandson, Red!

Today was a special day but I have always been the happiest dog
in the world!  Mom bred me to Gabe in 2003 and I had 8 beautiful kids!  
Ivy and Midnight are my two kids that still live at home :)  Hershey is another
son of mine.  I wanted a family before my career so I was bred
before I had any titles.  

I absolutely LOVE to train in obedience and agility and I do really well.  
But I have this "problem" - I am so happy to meet everyone that I go over to visit the
judge a lot - and that won't get me my titles.  The first time Mom showed me in agility, I
picked up one of those fun little orange cones that number the obstacles
and took it to the judge!  Everyone doubled over laughing,
including Mom and the judge!
Sire:  Ch. Ashford's Hit the Road TDX WC JH CD OS

Dam:  Elysian's Jus Supposen JH CD TD WCX