Mom says I am her Princess!

I am a cuddle bug :)  I am on the small side, like my Dad, Red,
and I am just as sweet as he is.  I may be the smallest golden in our pack of six
right now, but I sweetly run the show.  I just don't let anyone know that :)

When I was a puppy, I won a dog show so I have
1 point towards my championship!  Mom was soooo happy I thought
she was going to have a heart attack.  But then I sort of stopped growing so
I am below the height and weight standard for females.  
Mom says I am a lovely female so she is going to let me have puppies!
I am not so sure about all this, so we'll see what happens.  
I mean, I want to have kids I guess but
I like being the baby of the family.  
Sire:  Gabriel's Paint the Town

Dam:  Glengowan's C'Quel
My Baby Picture
Me Winning Show at 9 Months!
Me Winning Mile Hi GRC
Puppy Match!
This is a video so
click the picture :)