Sire:  Ch. Skylark's Ready Or Not JH WCX NA VC OS

Dam:  Bargello's Flyaway Feathers
We moved to Colorado in 2000 and while we were living on a remote dead end mountain road, my Mom let me lay
outside in the front yard because I would always let the other dogs take my chew bones.  So she let me be by myself
so I could enjoy my bone - she knew I would never leave her and run off.  It was a beautiful October afternoon.  But
then, I had no idea what hit me.  My Mom said that our neighbor was driving drunk and ran off the road and drove
right over me.  We were all terrified!  The closest vet wanted to put me down - my back feet were smashed and so
was my tail.  I had lost a lot of blood and was going into shock.   My Mom refused!  She would not give up on me that
easy.  So she had the vet stabilize me and she took me to Colorado Springs.
The vets in the Springs were orthopedic surgeons (Dr. Mike
Bauer and Dr. Michelle Morgan) and they put me back
together as best they could.  I was in the hospital for 5 weeks
and had 7 surgeries.  They tried to save my right foot but
after about three weeks they had to let it go.  I felt a lot better
after that.  The fever went away and I started to gain weight.  
Mom says I was down to 49 pounds.    In some ways my left
leg was worse because it was torn open but my Mom prayed
that it would heal.   It took 18 months for that leg to heal and
even though I lost some bones and a couple toes, I still had
my leg!  Once the bandages came off, my Mom had me fitted
for a brace for that leg and I could walk on it.  My right leg
healed pretty fast and I got fitted for my first prosthetic.  It
was great!  I ran and ran in the woods and lost the first two.  
My Mom was a little upset - she says they are expensive
shoes.  But after what she must have spent to save my life I knew she wasn't really angry.  I heard her tell that story so
many times over the years, finally able to laugh, so I know that she was thrilled to see me running in the woods!

So I was the same happy dog I always was after that.  I didn't mind much.  Mom would put my shoes and socks on
every day and take them off at night.  Sometimes I would get little sores from them and she would get them healed
up but they didn't really hurt.   I just wish they would have let me keep doing obedience because I already had two
legs (no pun intended) towards my CD title and we had really enjoyed training for that.  And, I knew all the Open
exercises already.  But Mom says AKC wouldn't allow me to compete because I am considered lame.  Several years
ago, a really nice Judge at the Mile High Golden Retriever Specialty took her badge off after the show and ran me
through the Novice exercises.  I think there is a picture of us below.  So I have the best CD ever - and honorary one
that my Mom made for me.  Lame, ha!  Look at the pictures of me on my 13th birthday doing the Open exercises!

Then one night I got a high fever and Mom rushed me to the vet in the morning.  They don't really know what was
causing it but I was really sick and Mom did the right thing - she let me go to heaven.  That was on February 10, 2009.

So now I am really an angel and I can carry on my duty of being Mom's Guardian Angel!

Oh, and by the way, Mom named her training school and kennel after
Barbara Tinker and me
and my Mom and Emmy
Me and Mom at my
12th Birthday Party in
her training school
And these four
pictures are ME
doing Open on my
13th Birthday!
My first time in the ring and
my 2nd Prize Ribbon!
My 3rd leg and my
"Honorary" CD!
Just throw it, Mom!!
Told ya I'd bring it back!
What a Good Boy!
I just did the
broad "jump"!
Me and Mom doing the Figure 8!