Hi!  I am Halo!  And I was named after my Great-aunt Halo, Gabe's sister.  
was the baby of the family born in February of 2009 - well until I had my own kids in January 2011.
But my Mom still calls me her baby girl.  Just like my brother Tide told me I better enjoy it while it lasts
because with my Mom that could change any day - of course the puppies were mine so what can I say?  
My little boy, Red, Gabriel's Paint the Town, is my baby and I play with him all day long
I still care for him as if he is a baby - and he is 2 already!  

Right now Mom is teaching me a bunch of things - the show ring gait,
some basic obedience and I am playing around on the agility equipment. I love to rumble
with my family members in the tunnel but Mom says that I have to learn to come out the
other end if I want to do agility.   

My best friend is my Grandma Becka who plays with me all the time -
even more than my mom Ivy does.  Mom says that's because when Becka was a puppy,
her first Golden Emmy was already 7 and she played with Becka all the time
so now Becka loves puppies.  Becka does her best to keep me and Red
out of trouble but it doesn't always work!

Click here if you want to see the beautiful puppies I had with Midnight.
And Mom says I truly deserve a halo because I had 8 puppies in 3 hours.  And, I waited until
Mom had her coffee and had the first pup at 9:30 in the morning :) and we were at the vet
by 1:00 PM with a basket of 8 little golden loves :)
Sire:  Ch BR Ride West Wind Zephyr CDX RAE MXJ  

Dam:  Gabriel's Ivory Snow CCA
That's me lounging at home
Mom stacking me at 7 weeks!
except I wanted my head up and my tail down.
This is not the pose you wanted?
My first "Dog Food Day"!
We all help by doing the dishes!
I am at the top, then Becka, Tide and Midnight
and my mom Ivy is to the right.
Me doing Stay on the agility table!