I am so proud to have been the pick of the litter when Mom bred Gabe and Becka!  
From the beginning, I sort of always knew my job would be to have babies.  Mom showed
me in conformation until I was almost 2.  I got some blue ribbons and even won in the Bred-by class.  
Although I meet the standard for a female, I am on the smaller end of the range so all the other girls
were bigger than me.  I loved the show ring and I love to be groomed.  For a long time, I would jump
up and stand on just about any table thinking it was a grooming table!  
Mom had to teach me which was which.  

I had my first litter in 2007, when Mom bred me to
"Bounce" - Ch BR's Overdraft Protection CDX RN JH.  He is so handsome.
I had 4 girls and 3 boys.  Daisy, Lily, Bodhi and Spring are the girls and
Tide, Cole and Bodi are the boys.  They are great kids and Mom kept Tide so
we still get to play.  And Mom always watches the other kids when the
owners need her to so we get to see each other a lot.

I had my second litter in February 2009 when Mom bred me to
"Zephyr" - Ch BR Ride the West Wind Zephyr CDX RAE MXJ.  He is very
distinguished - an older man.  I had 5 girls and 2 boys.  Seven pups seems to be my
number.  You will see the pups on the
Puppies page and also in the Testimonials page.
Bounce and Zephyr are in the pictures to the left and right.  I guess I am going to
have one more litter this summer - Mom is trying to decide who the Dad will be.

Well, Mom decided that my third "husband" would be
Broker, Glenbrook's BR Smart Investment.  He is a beautiful red boy and we had
8 gorgeous kids that were born in May 2010.  Mom didn't keep one of those babes but
I think she should have. : )   But there are a couple that you will see in obedience and
field - and I raised them right - really got the hang of it.  They went home potty
trained and crate trained.  There will be some testimonials soon but Broker's
kids are only 5  months right now.  

It took my Mom almost a year to write this,
but I lost the battle with bone cancer when I was only 9.  I had a lose my left front leg
to get rid of it and I did great through chemo but within a year it was back.  And it was fast.  
All of a sudden I couldn't stand up and I could barely walk if I did.  Well, the cancer had spread to
my spine.  Mom took care of me.  She didn't care if I couldn't walk - she made a sling for me and we
hopped around.  She would not give in.  But then one day I was  in the front yard and Mom
heard me scream.  All I did was pee but it really, really hurt.  Mom would not let me be in pain
so she came out and gave me a painkiller and she took me to see Scott Carpenter.  Everyone
there knew me really well and I loved them all.  It was hard for everyone.  But I knew
it was time for me to go.  Mom did pretty good when Scott put me to sleep forever
but I know she cried for a long, long time about me after that.  
And I know she is crying now as she writes this.  

Mom, please don't be sad for me.  I had so much fun with you and my mom and dad,
Gabe and Becka, and all my kids.  I had a great life and I know I was your princess!  And I know
that my high-pitched bark fooled everyone.  I will never forget when I was being bred to Bounce,
Cole's daddy, and the breeder's husband said - do you have another bred out there?
I was barking my head off in my high pitched bark.  I love you Mom and
I will always be your Sweet Soprano!
Sire:  Bargello's Guardian Angel CD*

Dam:  Elysian's HIcntry Beckoning CCA CD RN
<------ That's me at 5 weeks

That's me at a show! ------>
And that's me with my kids
Daisy and Tide
Mile High GRC Specialty
June 2009
<------ That's me at 5 weeks

That's me at a show! ------>