When Mom named me, she was going to call me either Sonny or Junior
because I looked so much like my dad, Gabe.  But somehow Midnight stuck because I am
really dark gold.  I just love doing whatever Mom wants - or anyone else for that matter!  
When people come to see puppies they say they want one that looks like me!  

Mom and I train in obedience a lot and I LOVE it.  I get so excited that I jump in the air when
we do the finish.  She says I have springs on my back legs like my dad did.  Mom says we are
really a great team and we just got our Rally Novice title!   So now we will keep training in
obedience and rally.  I hope I can be as good as my dad was in his day in obedience -
that would make Mom really happy - which is all I ever want to do!
Sire:  Bargello's Guardian Angel CD*

Dam:  Elysian's HIcntry Beckoning CD RN
My baby pictures
Now this is embarrassing - but our cat Pops is my friend - So I guess I'll just eat what fell on the rug!