All About Me!

If you were here I would probably have your sleeve
or shirt cuff in my mouth.  That's how I say "I love you"!  I learned that
from my dad Midnight.  Mom can hardly tell us apart so we both
just answer to Red or Midnight :)

When Mom kept me, she said that being the baby of the
family at Gabriel's doesn't last very long so enjoy it!  Well,
my doggie Mom, Halo, had pups on July 3, 2013, so I made it
for 2-1/2 years.  I think I hold the record.

Mom has tons of pictures of me.
Here are some of my happiest days at home!
Sire:  Gabriel's Midnight Son

Dam:  Gabriel's Sent from Heaven
My Baby Picture
That's Me in the Forest!
Where's Red?
My Favorite Chair zzzzz
Summer @ Gabriel's
Winter @ Gabriel's