I am still a baby in the pictures below!  I have such beautiful parents
that Mom thought I may be a champion some day.  I was so lucky that I got to stay with my family -
Grandma Becka plays with me every day and teaches me all kinds of stuff :)

Well I guess I really goofed up!  I started playing with rocks and I would
swallow them.  Mom thinks it might have been from where she would wash the big bins
she makes our dog food in. There were those round landscaping rocks at the ranch and I thought
they smelled so good!  I didn't really mean to swallow them - they just sort of slipped down!  Well,
I had my first surgery at 9 months, then two more after that, to get the rocks out - 14 in all.   After that,
I didn't really grow the way I should have from all of those surgeries but Mom loved me anyway.   
Mom had really nice friend and he loved all of us dogs - but I was his favorite.  So he was really
sad when he had to move to the Pacific northwest.  I was pretty sad too.  I think Mom  wanted
him to have me, but she really didn't want to let me go.  Well, something convinced her
that I would have a really great home with Jace.  He hunts and since I catch birds
out of the air, it's a pretty good match.  So I moved with Jace!  
Sire:  Ch BR's Overdraft Protection CDX RE U-CD

Dam:  Gabriel's Ivory Snow CCA
<---- That's me at 6 months

That's me after winning
in Denver 2009! ------>

And that's me and my
Grandpa Gabe below!