Testimonials are added as
they come in.
"Golden Retrievers are a special breed.  Gabriel's Goldens have
born with love.  From the moment of birth, the puppies are
family.   Our little Mango is a product of this love.  She is
healthy, happy, intelligent, energetic, and totally adorable.   

Mango is from the Peach-Echo litter of January 2014.  I would not
hesitate to recommend Gabriel's Goldens as a breeder.  These
dogs are quite special and certainly exceeded our expectations.

We have also chosen to feed our Mango a raw diet that we make

Carol and David Frank - Aurora, Colorado
"Cooper (Peach - Echo litter) is our fourth Golden, and he is an
amazing little guy!

His temperament is wonderful, he is VERY bright, he socialized into
our multicultural family (cat and dogs) right way, and he is just
adorable.  I’ve heard that 10 weeks is too early to train a puppy, but
Cooper is already learning so many things.  He has become
inseparable from our 4-1/2 year old Golden, and is a joy to all of us.

We have also been incredibly impressed with Patty’s love and
dedication to these wonderful dogs.  I would recommend that
anyone who is considering a new family member talk to Patty at
Gabriel's Goldens, and get one of her puppies if possible.  Her
passion for the breed and desire to do things the right way is
evident in everything that she does.  We are blessed to have found

Joan and Greg Kinney - Centennial, Colorado
"When Ben and I started our search for a golden retriever breeder in
Colorado, we were immediately drawn to Gabriel’s Goldens website
because all of the dogs were so beautiful!  After meeting Patty, we knew
we had found the perfect breeder. Patty has all of the knowledge and love
to be desired in a great breeder. She really goes the extra mile to make you
comfortable and familiar with the process of adding a golden retriever
puppy to your home.

was amazing to see the progress of the puppies on her website after they
Our puppy, Bayliss, was one of four males from the Peach-Echo litter.  It
were born. The puppy play visits were a lot of fun as well and invaluable
to the experience!  We were able to go see all of the puppies and we were
extremely happy with the placement process.

Of course we can’t forget to thank Mary, Peach’s mom, who raised the little
pups until we took ours home. If you are looking for a golden retriever
puppy, then the search is over.  You won’t find better puppies or a better

We can’t thank Patty and Gabriel’s enough for our golden retriever!  He is
the best!!!"

Ben Reilly and Sarah Langley - Denver, Colorado
"We had the pleasure of watching Lucy from the Ivy-Broker litter for several
weeks for a friend and we absolutely fell in love with her!   We didn’t want
to give her back!  Lucy was the best testimonial for Gabriel’s Goldens and
the one that convinced us that a golden was the perfect dog for us.  We
emailed Patty right away and were so happy to hear that she had
puppiesdue in July 2013.   We are now proud  parents of Banner (Halo-
Epic) and consider Patty and the entire gang at Gabriel’s Goldens as our
dear friends!

As first time dog owners, Patty’s support and guidance has been
invaluable.  Look no further for a breeder – her passion and love for her
dogs is inspiring and contagious!  As for our boy Banner, he is the most
handsome and lovable dog.  He hasn’t chewed or destroyed anything –
Patty was right that her dogs are not “chewers”!  Our shoes and furniture
are grateful.  Since we have brought him home, people have always
commented how calm and well-behaved he is for a puppy.   We’re afraid
that Banner has spoiled us and left some big shoes to fill for our next
Gabriel’s Golden…although we would expect nothing less of one of
Patty’s dogs.

One of our favorite things about Banner is that he loves to have something
in his mouth when he says hello or gets excited and he prances around
making a silly “hooting” noise.  He has been affectionately nicknamed
“Hootie.” We are so incredibly thankful that we had our time with Lucy
and now have a Gabriel’s Golden of our very own.  He has been one of the
greatest blessings in our lives and we are grateful to Patty each and every
day.   We would absolutely recommend Patty to anyone looking for a
golden!!!  Banner is so special that he has turned us into crazy dog people!"

Meghan and Joe Bonhage, The Highlands, Colorado
"Colorado Breeder of
Sound Golden Retrievers"